Proudly South African-made lunchbox

Like many parents out there, Cape Town mother of three, Vanessa Gardner, was increasingly frustrated with the daily chore of preparing lunchboxes. How could she make them interesting, fun and nutritionally-balanced?

Vanessa came across the idea of a compartmentalised lunchbox. She realised that this layout could help guide portion control and encourage food group variety.

Vanessa wanted to create a South African-made lunchbox that could hold wet foodstuffs (like yoghurt) without leaking, as well as a variety of other food items and nibbles, each in their own separate spaces.

She researched nutritional guidelines and spoke to local foodies to gain a better understanding of what growing minds require to function optimally. Experimenting at home was easy, with three eager mouths to feed each day!

The result? The CRUNCHBOX - a compartmentalised lunchbox with a spill-proof design that makes food fun, and encourages hassle-free healthy eating habits.

At CRUNCHBOX, we truly care about the importance of nutrition for young minds and bodies. We’re proud to partner with the Peninsula School Feeding Association so that with every CRUNCHBOX sold, a child in need is fed for a day.

“It is an unassailable fact that nutrition enables learning. Children need a varied and balanced diet, while parents strive for convenience and simplicity. I believe CRUNCHBOX provides the solution.”

Vanessa Gardner


CRUNCHBOX is a lunchbox that fits into the modern parent’s life

CLEVER COMPARTMENTALISATION:A spill-proof lunchbox that prevents different sections from mixing and keeps food fresh.
LESS WASTE:No need to resort to single-use items and BPA-laden plastics when packing children’s lunches
SUITABLE SNACKING:CRUNCHBOX makes it easy and convenient to pack healthy, balanced meals for children of all ages.
CRUNCHBOX is proudly designed and manufactured in South Africa. It is made of BPA-free plastic
Food icons serve as guidelines to a balanced meal and portions are regulated by the compartment size.
Through our partnership with the Peninsula School Feeding Association, every CRUNCHBOX sold feeds a child for a day.
Changeable characters and meal variety make eating with CRUNCHBOX a ton of fun!